Mouth To Ear
Jeremy Keenan

‘Since many people feel compelled to broadcast, one finds oneself in a state of permanent receptivity’

Siegfried Kracauer, 1927

Each microphone has a specific harmonic resonance that is constantly outputted by the central speaker . The speaker slowly and erratically moves away from whichever microphone is feeding it more. "Mouth To Ear" is the strange confluence of a moving speaker cone, modified microphones, muted low-frequency feedback and code. The result is a self-generative dance between the different voices, the ears and the mouth.
Besides the 10'37'' recording file (available on all digital stores) the piece can also be acquired as a physical installation.
Presented in 13.1 channel sound.
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Format: File, AIFF, MP3, WAV, EP, Stereo

Mouth To Ear:   Jeremy Keenan
Release date:   22 Dec 2016
Website:        Jeremy Keenan

Mouth to Ear is a generative audio composition exploring the tonal possibilities of feedback combined with the element of chance in an unstable interaction of changing physical quantities.Developed specifically for the Call & Response 3D sound system, the work plays with aspects of broadcast, reception, and reproduction around the human response to systems of communication and their pervasive signal networks.Mouth to Ear is part of a series initiated by the piece Ear to Mouth and continuing with Light Loop, Oscillations in Love and Light and Garden of Signals. 
Jeremy Keenan's work has manifested as music, sound installation, and immersive multichannel audio. He has performed and exhibited at venues like the Vienna MuseumsQuartier, the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA), Whitechapel Gallery, ICA, Shunt, Roundhouse, Rich Mix, and Cafe OTO in London, the Museum of Contemporary Art in A Coruña, Spain, FILE Festival in Brazil, as well as various galleries and venues in Europe, North America and the UK.

-I sit on a chair in my room...

-And you don't move at all?

-Not really. I do look around and tap my hands on my knees once in a while, though.

Jeremy is co-director of the London, UK sonic arts collective Call & Response, through which he has worked with artists like EVOL, Jacob Kirkegaard, LINE imprint, Robert Van Heumen, James Dashow, Werkdisks, Steinbrüchel, Theo Burt, Mark Fell, Mats Lindström, and Kaffe Matthews.
His current line of practice involves generative composition, live electronic music performance, and sound installation. He is interested in working with real and imaginary signals, audible and inaudible feedback, the uncanny reconfiguration of familiar audio tools like speakers and microphones, and the communicative possibilities inherent in sound.